Your root chakra is located near your tailbone. The root chakra includes your spine’s first three vertebrae, your bladder and colon.

When I started focusing on that chakra during meditation a few years ago and felt it vibrating for the first time…the feeling was incredible 🙇🏻‍♀️

The Root Chakra Category: Matter.

This first Chakra is related to the earth in the metaphorical sense of you being able to feel rooted and grounded in your life.

These are the Root Chakra Functions: The “Root” desires – sense of stability & security – including basic physical needs, as well as familial relationships and connections.

When this chakra is open and flowing, you will feel safe and confident ♡

Keep an eye on my next post, to see what the physical signs of Root Chakra Blockages are.

Love, Jessica ♡

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