The typical colour used to represent the Sacral Chakra is a warm orange colour and the more you see it the more you balance it 👌🏻

I have recently purchased a few new orange clothes that I’ll be wearing more frequently now to balance my Sacral Chakra 🙂

Another chakra balancing thing I love, love, love doing is having a relaxing shower visualising the colour orange🚿 also called a meditative shower.

For my sacral chakra, I close my eyes and in my minds eye I visualise, that the water that is coming out of the shower-head is orange and as it pours down, it washes through my head draining it in a warm orange colour, and it slowly expands down until reaching and filling my sacral chakra in the hip region of my body…once there I imagine a spinning orange energetic disc in that area and as it spins it fills the rest of my body (legs & arms) with that orange colour and this is when I sit in that imagination and relax for a few more moments. This is so so lovely!! …and to make it a 360 experience, I love listening to binaural beats music at the same time (there are some sacral chakra related ones) 👌🏻 total bliss 😍

Do you like meditative showers?

Love, Jessica xxx

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